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Beauty and the Beast
90 Minute musical for 6 leads and a chorus of flower faeries. This first-ever musical version of the story preceded the animated adaptation and more powerfully and unashamedly explores the relationship of the innocent young Beauty and her mysterious, dangerous Beast. Two alternating sets: Castle garden exterior and Beauty's house. CD includes complete Musical Score for piano and keyboard, Midi files, and individualized Vocal Parts for lead roles. Produced at Brisbane Arts Theatre, Queensland, Australia, Bristol Riverside Theatre, Riverfront Dinner Theatre, CBStage, Newtown Arts Company, Bucks County Playhouse and numerous junior high and high schools.


The Little Mermaid
The only dramatic version of this story faithful to the author's original intention. The Mermaid learns a beautiful lesson and though the Prince and Mermaid cannot be married on earth their hearts are forever together. CD includes complete Rehearsal Audio Tracks, Midi files, MP3 files & complete score for piano, violin & keyboard, Costume Designs, Production Photos & more! Performed by the Newington Childrens' Theatre Company, Brisbane Arts Theatre, CBStage, Bristol Riverside Theatre, and numerous junior high and high schools.


Peter Pan and Wendy
45 Minute one-act, 5 scene musical with EASY short songs and settings, very suitable for elementary or junior high production where a large cast is available. CD includes complete printable Musical Score, Midi files, Stage manager's guide, Audition Cuts, and Pirate/Indian scripts available. Performed by: Bucks County Playhouse, Beecher Road School, Woodbridge, Ct., Journey Productions, Wilmington N.C., St. Joseph Parish School, Florida, Cornerstone Christian Center, AZ Crossroads School, Santa Monica CA, Village Elementary, Victorville CA, Star Center Youth Theatre, Gainesville, FL


A 90 Minute musical. Rapunzel, kidnapped as a child by the wicked witch Gothel, is freed from her tower prison by handsome Prince Gunther who promises to show her the world. Their plans change when the Witch finds out about them and Rapunzel is banished to the Land of Eternal Winter and the Prince blinded. Gunther, his page Rolf, and Rapunzel's friend Pandora the white cat must brave the dangers of the Forest of No Return and find the Prince's lost love. CD includes complete Rehearsal Audio Tracks, Midi files, MP3 files & complete score, Production Photos & more! Performed at the NYC Fringe Festival and by Council Rock High School.